About Iyake Lake

Ado – Awaye Lake, now named Iyake Lake, is a geologic wonder and it is popular for its awe-inspiring beauty.

Iyake Lake is the only recognized suspended or hanging lake in Africa and one of the only two in the world, after the Hanging Lake in Colorado.

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It has been named one of the seven wonders of Nigeria. It is said to be bottomless and have swallowed those who have tried to measure its depth.

Till today, whoever enters the lake never comes out of it.

Oba Ademola Folakanmi, Makuledoye II

Iyake Lake is said to be the main god of fertility of the Mountain. The villagers believe that beneath the lake exists another world that looks like the earth, and whoever transits into that world by diving into the lake will never be able to return to our own world again.

The lake was named after an old woman in the Ado-Awaye village, who specializes in dying of clothes. It is said that the old woman, known as “Iya Alaro”, worships the lakes and makes sacrifices to it at specific times during the year. The lake is characterized by a gloomy depth that underscores its association with Iya Alaro and its surface and surrounding is bedecked with a lush overgrowth of colourful vegetation.

Agbómofúnyàké, literally means “collects child and gives to iyake”. This little hole is located just beside the iyake lake. It is believed that, whenever the hole has water in it, whoever puts his leg into it gets dragged to the bottom of iyake lake.